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Parker Trach.Tube Fig.4, 22FG S/P..
Fuller Trach.Tube Fig.2, 20FG S/P..
Tracheotomy Tube 8mm, Fig.0..
Luer Trachea Tubes (Standard Patt.) 9mm Fig # 5..
Luer Trachea Tubes 13mm Fig # 9..
Krishaber Trach.Tube Fig.5, 9mm S/P..
Krishaber Luer Trach.Tube Fig.7, 11mm S/P..
Collin Trach.Tube Fig.5, 9mm S/P..
Cubley Trach.Tube Fig.5, 24FG S/P..
Luer Trachea Tubes (Standard Patt.) 4mm Fig # 0..
Tracheotomy Tube 13mm, Fig.5..
Luer Trachea Tubes 8mm Fig # 4..
Krishaber Trach.Tube Fig.0, 4mm S/P..
Collin Trach.Tube Fig.0, 4mm S/P..
Fuller Trach.Tube Fig.8, 32Fg S/P..
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