Plaster Instruments

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Stille Mini Plaster Cast Shear 20cm..
Bergman Plaster Cast Saw 18cm..
Wolff Plaster Cast Breaker 22cm..
Stille Plaster Cast Shear 24cm..
Wigmore Plaster Saw 19cm..
Stille Plaster Cast Shear 20cm..
Engel Plaster Cast Saw 14cm..
Plaster Shear w/serrated blade, w/lock 20cm..
Wolff Plaster Cast Breaker 24cm..
Haglund Stille Cast Spreader 28cm..
Stille Plaster Cast Shear 23cm..
Hopkins Plaster Knife w/plastic handle 20cm..
Seutin Plaster Shear serr 23cm..
Wolff Plaster Cast Breaker 26cm..
Plaster Spreader with spring 23cm..
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    A leading Manufacturer of Surgical and Orthopaedic Instruments, Portable Autoclaves, and Operating Table Accessories.

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