Oral Instruments

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Jennings Tongue Depressors 09cm/3 1/2"..
Tongue Depressors 13cm/5"..
Lengenbeck Finger Protectors 22.0mm..
Davis-Boyle Mouth Gags 24x80mm Fig 3..
Modell Wurzburg Tongue Depressors 37x93mm Fig 4..
Lack Tongue Depressors 22mm, Adult..
Collin Tongue Depressors and Forceps 16cm/6 1/4"..
Dingmann Mouth Gags 31x75mm Fig 3..
Tongue Depressors 25x93mm Fig 4..
Fergusson-Ackland Mouth Gags 20cm/8"..
Sternberg Tongue Depressors 16cm/6 1/4"..
Draffin Bipod 4 Ring 48cm/19"..
Kilner-Doughty Mouth Gags 80x37mm Fig 3..
Mc Ivor Mouth Gags 25x86mm Fig 2..
Roser-Konig Mouth Gags 16cm/6 1/4"..
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    A leading Manufacturer of Surgical and Orthopaedic Instruments, Portable Autoclaves, and Operating Table Accessories.

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