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Doyen Vaginal Speculas (Slightly-concave) 115x35mm 24cm/9 1/2" Fig # 3..
Sims Vaginal Speculas 63x32mm..
Zeppelin Clapms Angled 35cm/14" (straight handle with gold ring)..
Recamier Uterine Curettes Blunt 20mm 26cm Fig # 10 Malleable..
Recamier Uterine Curettes Sharp 21mm 31cm Fig # 11 Rigid..
Hunter Hystrectomy Fcps slightly cvd 1x2T, 23cm/9"..
Aspirating Curettes 6.0mm 28cm/11"..
Hawkin Ambler Uterine Dilator 4/7..
Doyen Vaginal Speculas (Medium-concave) 115x45mm 24cm/9 1/2" Fig # 3..
Kristeller(Standard) Vaginal Speculas Set of Specula + 1 Retractor Fig # 2..
Recamier Uterine Curettes Sharp 23mm 26cm Fig # 12 Rigid..
Recamier Uterine Curettes Blunt 19mm 31cm Fig # 9 Rigid..
Douay Cervical Biopy and Specimen Forceps 40cm/16" Shaft..
Sims Uterine Curettes Blunt 11.5mm 25cm/10" Fig # 4 Malleable..
Schroeder Tenaculum Forceps BJ 25cm/10"..
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