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Van Buren Dilating Bougies FG # 28/9 1/3mm 28cm/11"..
Gray Gall Duct Forceps Set of 2..
Dittel Dilating Bougies FG # 19/6 1/3mm Straight 19.5cm/7 1/2"..
Desjardins Gall Stone Probes 28cm/11"..
Women Metal Catheters FG # 9/3mm..
Dittel Dilating Bougies FG # 12/4mm Curved 34.5cm/13 1/2"..
Bakes Bile Duct Dilators 30cm/12" Set of 9 in Canvas Pocket..
Guyon Catheters Introducing Instruments 39cm/15 1/2"..
Dittel Dilating Bougies FG # 28/9 2/3mm Curved 34.5cm/13 1/2"..
Mayo Gall Stone Scoops 26.5cm/10 1/2" Fig # 3..
Judd-Masson Bladder Retractors with Central Blades..
Guyon Kidney Pedicle Clamp Forceps BJ 22cm/8 3/4"..
Dittel Dilating Bougies FG # 14/4 2/3mm Straight 19.5cm/7 1/2"..
Mayo-Blake Gall Stone Forceps BJ Curved 20cm/8"..
Metal Catheters FG # 23/7 2/3mm..
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