Cardiovascular Surgery

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Cooley Vascular Dilators 1.0mm 13cm/5"..
Debakey Carotis Atrauma Bulldog Clamp 9cm..
De Bakey Atrauma Coarctation Clamps BJ Curved 21.5cm/8 1/2"..
Lebsche Sternum Chisels 24.5cm/9 3/4"..
Leland-Jones Atrauma Cardiovascular Forceps BJ 18cm/7"..
Derra-De Bakey Atrauma Anastomosis BJ Clamps 17cm/6 3/4"..
DeBakey-Light Fcps Atrauma 1.0mm, 24.0cm..
Cooley Rib Spreaders 32mmx50mmx190mm..
Harken Atrauma Aortic Clamps BJ 24cm/9 1/2"..
Cooley Atrauma Anastomosis Clamps BJ 17.5cm/7"..
DeBakey Atraumatic Tissue Fcps 3.5mm, 30cm..
Cooley Rib Spreaders 37mmx49mmx200mm..
Satinsky/De Bakey Atrauma Tangential Occlusion Clamps BJ 27cm/10 1/2"..
Cooley Suction Tubes 30cm/12"..
Glover Atraumatic Bulldog clamp str 8.0cm..
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