Bone Surgery

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Cloward Bone Gouges 5mm 24cm/9 1/2"..
Bone Mallet w/fibre handle 26.5cm..
Wire Seizing Forceps BJ 20cm/8" TC GOLD..
Bone Holding Forceps SJ 23cm/9"..
Ruskin Bone Rongeur Forceps Straight M/Action 23cm/9"..
Bone Curettes 21cm/8 1/4"..
Spratt Bone Curettes 16cm/6 1/4" Fig # 5..
Taylor Spinal Retractors 75x30mm 17cm/6 1/2"..
Spare Blade for Charriere Amputation Saw 15mm..
Doyen Periosteal Raspatories 17cm/6 3/4"..
Hibbs Bone Chisels Straight 19mm 24cm/9 1/2"..
Mini-Lexer Gouges 08mm 18cm/7"..
Alexander Bone Gouges 12mm 18cm/7"..
Partsch Bone Chisels 07mm 17cm/6 3/4"..
Semb Bone Rongeur Forceps M/Action 23cm/9"..
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