Artery Forceps

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Rochester-Carmalt Hemostatic Forceps BJ Straight 20cm/8"..
Kelly HemostaticForceps BJ Curved 14cm/5 1/2"..
Hoffmann Tubing Clamps size 17mm..
Mixter-Slim Ligture Forceps BJ 18cm/7"..
Kelly Hemostatic Forceps BJ Curved 24cm/9 1/2"..
Adson Hemostatic Forceps BJ Curved 18.5cm/7 1/4"..
Coller-Crile Hemostaic Forceps BJ Curved 16cm/6 1/4"..
Martel Scalp Flap Forceps SJ 14cm/5 1/2"..
Spencer-Wells Artery Forceps SJ Straight 23cm/9"..
Rumel Dissecting Forceps BJ 23cm/9"..
Bengolea Hemostatic Forceps BJ Straight 20cm/8" Cross Serrated..
Ochsner-Kocher Hemostatic Forceps BJ Straight 1:2 14cm/5 1/2"..
Mikulicz Peritoneal Clamp Forceps SJ 18cm/7"..
Spencer-Wells Artery Forceps BJ Curved 20cm/8"..
Overholt-Geissendorfer Dissecting Forceps BJ 21cm/8 1/4"..
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